Calcium is important for kids

According to the National Institutes of Health, kids age 4 to 8 need 800 mg of milk per day to fulfill calcium needs and kids age 9 to 18 need a whopping 1,300 mg of milk per day. For children older than 9, that’s about four and a half glasses of milk. Unfortunately, most kids don’t get nearly this much dairy into their diets. This is especially the case these days now that kids are becoming more accustomed to drinking soda and other sugary drinks with their meals and eating fast food that is low in essential nutrients.

The source explains these years are vital for a lifetime of healthy bones and overall well being. This is because the majority of kids will have finished their growth spurts by the time they are 17 and, even at this young age, 90 percent of their adult bone mass has been formed. Therefore, if a child does not receive adequate levels of calcium during their tween and teen years, they may never be able to make up the loss.

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients for children because it strengthens bones and teeth for a lifetime. This helps baby and adult teeth develop properly and can prevent osteoporosis later in life. Virginia Polytechnic and State University explains calcium also allows the heart, muscles and nerves function properly.

Children who are lactose intolerant and are unable to get calcium from milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and other dairy products can get calcium from foods like leafy green vegetables, tofu, broccoli, dry beans, sardines and fortified orange juice, says Virginia Tech. Although calcium supplements may be the best way for kids to get their recommended daily serving if they don’t like or are unable to eat dairy.

Dr. Newton’s Naturals offers a calcium supplement for children called CalMax Kids. Specially formulated for kids, it contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin C essential to optimal growth and well being. It contains only all-natural ingredients with no dyes, sweeteners or chemicals so parents can rest assured it’s safe. The powder just has to be mixed with water – and kids love the tropical punch flavor. Thanks to CalMax Kids, children can get the calcium they need to live a healthy lifestyle now and as adults.

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