Caffeine may result in hallucinations in stressed people

A recent study conducted by researchers at La Trobe University in Australia found that high amounts of caffeine can result in hallucinations, according to Medical News Today. More than 92 people with high and low stress levels were subjected to white noise following little or large amounts of caffeine intake. They were told to report when they heard Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” within the white noise.

Researchers did not play the song at all during the experiment, but found that those who had high stress levels and amounts of caffeine reported hearing “White Christmas” during the study.

“High caffeine levels in association with high levels of stressful life events interacted to produce higher levels of ‘hallucination’ in non-clinical participants, indication that further caution needs to be exercised with the use of this overtly ‘safe’ drug,” professor Simon Crowe told the news source.

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