Break the habit of emotional eating

Emotional eating is a vicious cycle. People eat because they are unhappy and then they beat themselves up for overeating, leading to more distress. More emotional problems are usually in store for those whose binge eating leads to added pounds.

Decide to break the cycle and jump-start your weight loss with a safe, natural weight loss supplement like Skinny D, available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals. A weight loss supplement can break the emotional cycle because the initial weight loss it provides gives dieters the motivation they need to keep going.

Emotional eaters should first try to turn things around in the home, which involves the support of the whole family. Homes should be clear of junk food and temptation so that when dieters can’t overcome the emotional need to eat, they can turn to healthy snacks instead.

Consider mental health counseling to identify the root of the emotional eating. By identifying the cause, dieters can turn to healthier outlets, like sports, yoga or an art class.

Once the cycle is broken, healthy eating will become the new normal and good habits will be formed so that maintaining a healthy weight can come naturally.

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