Blood sugar and foot care

You may have heard that diabetics need to take exceptional care of their feet but don’t quite understand why. In addition to many other health effects, diabetes can lead to neuropathy, bad circulation and greater risk for infection.

Neuropathy, or nerve damage, can be so severe that diabetics can’t feel their feet. This is bad news for diabetics who are more susceptible to infection. Many people don’t feel the infection, which allows it to worsen and spread. Diabetics can also burn their feet this way. Because of bad circulation, feet are often cold. While trying to warm them, a diabetic may not be able to feel if it’s too hot or if their feet are burning.

If left untreated, infections and other diabetes-related foot problems can lead to the need for amputation. With all the risks involved with diabetes, it’s especially important that diabetics keep a healthy lifestyle with good diet and exercise choices. To best care for your feet, use Dr. Harris’ Original Diabetic Foot Care, available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals, which can stimulate blood flow and moisturize skin.

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