Blood pressure and stroke

It’s common knowledge that hypertension, or unusually high blood pressure, is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke, however, new studies suggest that even prehypertension may put you at a greater risk. Prehypertension refers to blood pressure that still falls within the normal range but is elevated.

“The experts reasoned that, generally speaking, the higher the blood pressure, the greater the risk of death and disease, possibly starting from within the normal blood range,” explained Dr. Bruce Ovbiagele, professor of neurosciences at UC San Diego School of Medicine and senior author of the study. “Overall, people who had prehypertension (in the studies) were at a 55 percent higher risk of experiencing a future stroke than people without prehypertension.”

The authors of the study suggest that those with elevated levels take blood pressure medication. They also stress the importance of getting your numbers checked. Even seemingly healthy people who fall within a healthy weight range can be at risk for high blood pressure.

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