Benefits of calcium

Calcium is more than just a bone-building superstar. This essential nutrient is necessary and beneficial to the body in many ways. Unfortunately, many don’t get enough calcium, so it doesn’t hurt to take a supplement like Dr. Newton’s Naturals CalMax Gold, which contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and a blend of trace minerals.

Getting enough calcium has even been shown to prevent obesity. This is because a lack of calcium causes your body to release parathyroid hormone (PTH), which in turn releases calcium from bones to keep a balance in the blood stream. PTH not only weakens bones but it stimulates fat production, contributing to obesity.

Adequate calcium may help prevent certain diseases such as colon cancer, heart disease and kidney stones. It may also reduce premenstrual symptoms because a deficiency triggers excessive hormones to be released that can cause irritability, depression and dizziness.

Taking CalMax Gold is easy, and customers love it. It has all the benefits of CalMax with even more minerals to keep your body going.

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