Benefits of a cleanse

Although many doctors say it’s okay to have limited bowel movements once a day or even every other day, Mother Nature seems to think differently. Animals dispose of waste after each meal, and people with healthy digestive systems and diets should as well.

As people hold in bowel movements, toxins begin to build up in their bodies that need to be cleared. That’s why a colon cleanse can be so helpful. Supplements to help clear the body of toxins and waste, like Pure Body Institute’s Nature’s Cleansing and Colon, sold by Dr. Newton’s Naturals, can be just the step you need to get your body running efficiently.

Think of a colon cleanse to the body as an oil change is to a car. You need to get rid of the sledge to keep the body running properly.

It only takes about 30 days until you notice a complete difference in your digestion and energy. You’ll stop carrying around waste and ideally, start to have a bowel movement after each meal.

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