At-home remedies may provide relief for IBS patients

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects millions of people around the world, but no cure has been discovered for the digestive ailment. Dietary Supplements, such as NuZymes Digestive Enzymes from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, can ease bloating and heartburn. However, The Huffington Post reports that certain at-home remedies may provide relief as well.

Relieving stress is a big key to reducing health complications, including symptoms associated with IBS. There are many ways to eliminate stress in natural ways as well.

Experts say that acupuncture can do wonders for individuals with IBS. This form of treatment, which involves sticking a series of needles on pressure points across the body, can help the body relax and unwind.

Yoga and meditation are other popular ways to lower stress levels. Not only is yoga relaxing, but it can help improve overall fitness as well. Meditation can help individuals clear their head and refocus on their priorities.

If all else fails, individuals can try peppermint oil. This herbal remedy has proven to be especially effective in individuals with IBS as it provides a cooling sensation in the digestive tract.

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