Arthritis pain can impact your overall health

Those who suffer with aches and pains related to arthritis know that every day can be a struggle. Most of the time, you may just want to lie in bed to avoid added stress on sore joints. However, living a sedentary lifestyle can not only increase your risk of other health problems, it can make your pain worse in the long run.

A study at Northwestern University found that most arthritis-sufferers are incredibly inactive, leading almost entirely sedentary lives. Participants in the study were labeled as inactive if they failed to meet a minimum of a mere 10 minutes of rigorous activity a week. Surprisingly, 40.1 percent of men and 56.5 percent of women met the criteria for inactivity.

Living a sedentary lifestyle causes weight gain, which in turn puts more stress on the joints and causes arthritis pain to worsen. It’s a terrible cycle that many get caught in. Treating the pain so you can live a more active life is crucial. Rather than taking dangerous pain killers, try a more natural approach like that offered by Dr. Newton’s Naturals. Dr. Harris’ Original ETA Relief Pain Relief System offers a comprehensive approach for fast and sustained pain relief, helping you stay active through the toughest arthritis pain.

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