Anxiety and lack of energy in the workplace

If you’re stressed at work and it seems like a never-ending cycle, lack of sleep and energy may be to blame. Many Americans experience stress at their jobs, and unfortunately for some, it’s chronic and can affect their work, sleeping patterns and even their emotional responses to everyday occurrences.

When you’re caught up in a bad cycle of negative emotions, stress and lack of sleep, sometimes a dietary change is in order. Although most people get enough magnesium in their diets, certain stress conditions can actually increase your need for magnesium. This important nutrient is responsible for the production of proteins, transport of energy, function of certain enzymes and contraction and relaxation of the muscles.

A true magnesium deficiency is rare. Symptoms of a deficiency include but aren’t limited to anxiety, restless leg syndrome, sleep disorders, low blood pressure and muscle spasms.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency may include agitation and anxiety, restless leg syndrome (RLS), sleep disorders, irritability, nausea and vomiting, abnormal heart rhythms, low blood pressure, confusion, muscle spasm and weakness, hyperventilation, insomnia, poor nail growth, and even seizures.

To increase your energy and improve your sleep so you’re less anxious at work, consider a supplement like ActivMag, available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals.

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