Antioxidants prevent diabetes in lab mice

Scientists at the National Jewish Medical and Research Center have discovered that antioxidants delayed the onset of type 1 diabetes in laboratory mice by protecting the insulin-producing beta cells that the disease attacks. The research suggests that antioxidant supplementation may be beneficial against diabetes as well as other autoimmune diseases.

“These data show that antioxidants protect against diabetes on two fronts,” says co-author James Crapo. “They not only mop up destructive oxygen radicals, but also alter the immune response. That suggests the intriguing possibility that we might one day treat a variety of autoimmune diseases by altering the oxidant/antioxidant balance of immune system.”

The experiment was conducted by injecting laboratory mice with the antioxidants one day before giving them T cells that would lead to diabetes. Although all of the mice still developed the condition, several resisted it for more than four weeks, which was a pleasant surprise to scientists.

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