An easier way to detect a vitamin B-12 deficiency

Many Americans suffer from a potentially fatal deficiency of vitamin B-12, and they don’t even know it. Testing for levels of B-12 is generally not routine. By the time obvious symptoms are present, it’s often too late to reverse damage. Some studies suggest that B-12 deficiency may be linked with Alzheimer’s Disease.

In addition to fatigue and confusion, lack of this essential nutrient can cause irreversible nerve damage. If you suspect you may be deficient, you should take a B-12 supplement. Dr. Newton’s Naturals offers easy-to-take, cherry-flavored EZ Melts Energy, Clarity and Mood. This supplement contains 100 percent of the recommended daily dose of vitamins B-12, B-6 and folic acid.

Researchers from the University of Florida at Gainesville and Metabolic Solutions, Inc. of Nashua, New Hampshire, have discovered a way to test for vitamin B-12 using a breath test. According to ScienceDaily, Dr. David Wagner and his team believe that his non-invasive reproducible test will be approved by the FDA and available within the next five years.

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