Amino acid supplement helps mice live longer

The results of a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism show that mice who had been given drinking water laced with a special concoction of amino acids lived longer than average. More specifically, while the average mouse lived approximately 774 days, those that took amino acids lived for about 869, or about 12 percent longer.

“This is the first demonstration that an amino acid mixture can increase survival in mice,” said researcher Enzo Nisoli.

The benefits of amino acid supplementation were similar to those that came from restricted calorie intake, Nisoli explained. Treated animals showed marked improvements in exercise endurance and motor skills.

The findings suggest that amino acid supplementation may be especially beneficial for those who are elderly or ill. Of course, those looking to increase their amino acid intake may want to consider taking a supplement, such as Dr. Agins’ Skinny D from Dr. Newton’s Naturals. Regular intake may help increase the amount of fat burnt during exercise and help combat fatigue.

Consuming pure amino acid supplements is different from proteins that contain them, as pure amino acids can enter the bloodstream immediately, requiring no energy or digestion to be utilized.

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