Americans may still not be getting enough calcium

According to the results of a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Americans may still not be consuming sufficient levels of calcium. Both dietary and supplemental sources were considered by researchers when collecting data. Scientists are recommending that calcium-deficient individuals begin taking dietary supplements.

“Encouraging calcium supplementation is an established approach to addressing this issue in the clinical setting,” explains Dr. Jane E. Kerstetter. “[This approach] needs additional emphasis in order to promote more frequent and sufficient supplementation in meeting adequate intake levels.”

Calcium supplements, like Sea Supreme Tidal-Cal from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, can help those who are not getting enough through diet alone.

Examining data from nearly 9,500 individuals, scientists found that younger subjects generally showed the highest calcium levels, and that these numbers declined as they grew older. The median energy intake declined by about 35 percent between the 19-30-year-old group and the 81+ group.

Some scientists suggest that calcium intake is as important to heart health as sodium intake. Adequate levels help the heart, as well as other muscles, expand and contract more easily.

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