5 Tips for Healthy Winter Hair and Skin

Five Tips for Healthy Winter and Hair


It’s winter and already our hair, skin, and nails are suffering from this blustery season. Whipping winds, dry air, and chilly temperatures can have a damaging effect on soft skin and hair. The cold air outside and heat inside can strip moisture from locks and pores, making your hair brittle and skin itchy and dry. But you don’t have to suffer – here are five tips to offer relief.

  1. Cracked Hands – you’re washing your hands frequently to avoid the latest bug going around, and then you do the dishes, too. All that washing dries out your skin and can cause painful cracking. Try keeping lotion by the sink and applying that after each wash and using rubber gloves while doing dishes and cleaning.
  2. Dry Hair – because the air already more dry, you need to give your hair some extra TLC. If you normally wash and dry your hair every day, try giving it a break. Try washing every other day or going even longer between shampoos. You can also try skipping the shampoo and opting for a quick rinse and conditioner to keep hair moisturized.
  3. Chapped Lips – Keeping lip balm nearby at all times is a good first step, but winter winds can make it hard to keep up with chapped lips. If your lips are so dry they’re flaking, try using a soft toothbrush to gently exfoliate and slough off the dead skin. Then look for a lip balm with lanolin or beeswax – they’re completely natural and help reduce evaporation. Still having trouble? Try rubbing some Crisco (vegetable shortening) on your lips!
  4. Rough Feet – you know it’s the dead of winter when your feet are rough, dry and calloused. Save some money and skip the pedicure. While you’re in the shower, try sloughing off the dead skin with a good pumice stone. Then, before going to bed, rub Vaseline or a heavy cream lotion on your feet and pull on some socks. The socks will keep the moisture locked in and your feet will wake up feeling smooth and soft.
  5. Irritated Eyes – the dry air even affects your eyes. You might not think of sunglasses when the temps are sub zero, but your eyes need the protection from wind and glare, especially if there’s snow on the ground. Keep a bottle of non-medicated saline eye drops on hand to refresh moisture when necessary. And don’t forget to keep those germy fingers away from the eye area.