3 Key Factors for a Healthy Sex Life

For men and women, sexual health is an important topic. Your sexual health is a vital component to your overall health and happiness. Go to a movie or flip on the television and it’s easy to think that everyone but you has a libido in overdrive. But in the real world, our lives are not often very sex-friendly. Most Americans are overtaken by stress, work and a myriad opportunities for instant gratification — none of which lend themselves to the mind-set needed for a healthy libido.  In this newsletter, we hope to highlight for you that, yes, libido is about sexual desire, but it’s also about vitality, life force and energy that are critical to your overall health.

Here are 3 of the most important factors that lead to a higher degree of sexual health and satisfaction:

  1. Your Health Status

If you are not happy with the way your body is working in a sexual manner, a visit to your doctor may be in order. You may have an underlying health concern like diabetes, high blood pressure, or hormonal imbalances which are common in aging men and women. These disorders can dampen your libido and sexual response. These common conditions are also very treatable, so don’t be worried about getting your doctor involved as the diagnosis can be very helpful in getting you the appropriate help you need. If you are taking prescription medications, review them with your doctor as they may be directly involved in the development of sexual problems.

  1. Your Lifestyle

If you are inactive, eat a poor diet, smoke, and/or drink excessive amounts of alcohol – all of these things can negatively influence your libido and sexual function. Men who suffer from abdominal obesity, who are sedentary, or who smoke or drink too much are much more likely to have damage to the small blood vessels which line the reproductive tract and penis. The damage, caused from inflammation, decreases the blood flow and hence decreases the quality and quantity of the erectile response. Smoking can directly damage small blood vessels and excessive alcohol consumption can negatively influence hormonal levels in both men and women. Inactivity is also linked to lower levels of libido and the development of small vessel disease. When you improve your lifestyle, your health and quality of life will improve in many ways!

  1. Your Mental State

Higher levels of stress and depression have been shown to influence the sexual behavior and response. If you are chronically stressed-out or depressed, you may find that your sex drive and sexual interests are wandering. If you are otherwise healthy, there are lots of things that you can do to help yourself including appropriate natural therapies and treatment, if required. I’ll review more natural therapies to reduce stress next week. I am also an advocate of psychological cognitive and talk therapy as this can be a very helpful tool to manage stress.